How to overcome the habit of unsatisfaction!! (3 min read)


The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.     – St. Jerome

Don’t know if its only me or anyone else who feels the same way that whatever path of success I am in, I never feel satisfied, feels like there is always some thing missing, something could be better than that..AHHH! Literally this feeling leaves you as “total failure”.

What REASONS I unearth for this unfortunate emotion is:

Being Unthankful To ALLAH

Devil or Satan wants us humans to be ungrateful to Allah, in fact this is one of satan’s primary mission to make human beings unappreciated to our God.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

All is well when heart is feeling well. According to National Health Service, follow some good health tips for heart here:

The NHS guides us to steer clear of smoking, be full of get-up-and-go, persist in being healthy weight and the list goes on..

Quit Digging Holes

Stop thinking about your doomed past events, they are for no good in present. Understand that it’s over and you have a new situation you want to focus on. Whenever you go off-track in a problem or the past or future in your thoughts then,  breathe with your tummy for two minutes and just concentrate on the air coming in and out. It will hush your body down and drive your mind back into the existing moment again. Then you get go aiming on what is most crucial for you afresh.

Don’t Intend For Perfection 

Life was never, and never will be perfect so that you could end up happily. Question to ask yourself is: Does perfection in any task lead to your satisfaction? If it’s YES then stop over-burdening your own self.. as things can go with good enough approach too!!

Also happiness will be troublesome to smell out with unnecessary perfectionism. Spotting the performance beam at an nonhuman level usually assists to low self-esteem too.

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