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Black Seed – A Medicinal Dynamite

  The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is believed to have said: “In the black seed is healing for every disease except death.” (Sahih Bukhari) Yes you read it RIGHT. It is a blessed seed, can cure all diseases  except death. In Islam, it was told 1400 years ago much before than the science facts. Physically ,the seeds are … Continue reading Black Seed – A Medicinal Dynamite

Lamb/Goat Trotters

Hey Fella, I assume you’re having a wonderful day and getting your laughing gear round with preferred dishes. Let me introduce you to Lamb Trotters (so-called Mutton Paya Soup or lamb trotters soup), this appetizing and luxurious dish is a heavy stew fostered from feet of goat or lamb, bones from the leg with wealthy gelatin marrow enveloped with meat. This recipe is perfect to … Continue reading Lamb/Goat Trotters

How to overcome the habit of unsatisfaction!! (3 min read)

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.     – St. Jerome Don’t know if its only me or anyone else who feels the same way that whatever path of success I am in, I never feel satisfied, feels like there is always some thing missing, something could be better than that..AHHH! … Continue reading How to overcome the habit of unsatisfaction!! (3 min read)

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